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  5. "أَنْتِ جَوْعانة يا روزا."

"أَنْتِ جَوْعانة يا روزا."

Translation:You are hungry, Rosa.

July 8, 2019



Am I right in thinking this could be a question if you said with a rising tone at the end, or would I have to add هل at the beginning as in: هل انت جوعانة روزا؟.


in standard Arabic, you would have to add hal (beginning) and yaa (before the name)

However in colloquial, several dialects just say the sentence in question tone and it would be understood, but it strictly is not correct unless with hal and yaa.


How can i learn the letters,when they are so small i cant even see whether there are dots(diamonds),or accents or something else?


Use zoom fiture on android. Usually in setting >accecibility


Are the endings gender specific, like the ending for hungry because rosas a female?


yes, gender and number specific


Yeah i think so, didn't notice it until the lesson before this one, weird and arab(?) are also gendered, what do you use if you don't know the gender?


I am learning Arabic to speak to a friend from Lebanon and I'm trying to surprise her. I'm starting off with 0 knowledge of the language and I'm just barely starting to pick up patterns of speech and enunciation of Arabic words. Any advice for a Novice? (This seems like a better course for me than something like Rosetta Stone).


Supplement it with other materials that will allow you to learn the Levantine dialect specifically.


For me the blank is at a wrong place


My missing word looked like it was in the wrong place? It read you are rosa hungry...? Im doing this on my mobile so maybe the graphics didn't show very well


how in the world can one learn with no clues - aural or written????


Y can't I write "are you hungry, Rosa"


this is not the questioning form.

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