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"أَنْتِ ذَكِيّة جِدّاً يا أُسْتاذة."

Translation:You are very smart, professor.

July 8, 2019



You are "A" very smart professor is false apparently


That would be أنتِ أستاذةٌ ذكيةٌ جدا But the sentence we got ended with يا أستاذة And the 'Yaa' before 'Ustaadha' is for calling someone and could be loosely translated as 'Oh'. Thus the translation is:

You are very smart, professor.


It's not أستاذةً (ustāthatan) , but أستاذةُ (ustāthatu)


I'm not entirely sure, but should "Professor" possibly be capitalized because it's referring directly to the person by their title (proper noun)? I think this might possibly prevent some of the confusion people are having.

For example, compare: "You're a very smart mom" with "You're very smart, Mom." In that case, the capitalization is part of what differentiates the two sentences in English, along with the article and the comma. I might be very off regarding whether "professor" is considered a name and/or title in this sentence, though.


I just wish there were a way to show the comma - the English sentence without punctuation is incorrect

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