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  5. "حاسوبَك سَريع وَغالي."

"حاسوبَك سَريع وَغالي."

Translation:Your computer is fast and expensive.

July 8, 2019



Is pc the same as computer


Isnt it supposed to be Hasubuka for the MSA instead of Hasubak?


You are right. But duolingo does not want to teach proper arabic but a mix of dialects. Better than nothing but i think once you speak proper arabic it is up to you to pick up the different dialects depending on the country you go to. I used to live in Egypt and when i was in Jordan on holidays people knew i came from Egypt.


Is this form of "your computer" referring to a male or a female? I'm guessing it's to a male


حاسُوْبُكَ سَرِيْعٌ وَغالٍ.

"Haasuubuka sarii3un wa ghaalin". - Standard Formal


How would I say "your fast and expensive computer"?


Its the same as the sentence


Not exactly

This sentence would be حاسوبك السريع و الغالي

Notice that the adjectives سريع و غالي here came with the definite article "ال" , that's because we are talking about a specific computer and it's known for its high price / performance....


"your computer's fast and expensive " is the same as " your computer is fast and expensive", right? It said I was wrong!!!


My phone autocorrected my "your" to "you're" so I got it wrong


I like to put a space at the end of my sentence. It gives me a second to see if the auto correct is going to do anything. Sometimes I'm still too quick to hit submit, but it has saved me from many errors.


Shows the value of one last check before submitting.

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