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arabic vocabulary

I do not understand how you can suddenly introduce arabic words into the lesson, without first showing the word with its explanatory drawing/picture/translation. How can I know which signs to choose for "chicken" or "cold" or whatever, without the word having been introduced??

July 8, 2019



When I saw a vocab word for the first time, it was highlighted in orange, and when I ran my mouse over it it said the word in English. I too was kind of confused when they were first introduced, but I began to realize when a new word was introduced. Unfortunately, if you happen to miss the first time a word is introduced, you're pretty much screwed. It would be cool if they added a little thing in each lesson that you can click that has the list of vocabulary words.


yes please Duo...please help us with a vocab list somewhere.


I agree, we go from learning how to read some letters/characters to trying to figure out what means what


Had the same experience. It went from sounds to words from one lesson to the next. The web version has a dictionary but it’s not available in the app. There is a gap in the curriculum to introduce words. The jump from sounds to words is too big


I agree...i started copying them all and making my own list having got too, too confused. Loving it though!

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