How To Learn Bahasa Indonesia?! Lol, that's Eassy..

Okay, let’s just start the lesson….

  1. The Grammar..

*Active Sentence

Subject + Verbs + Object + Info(Optional)

Ex: Aku(S) Makan(V) Sebuah Apel(O) Di dapur(I)

Translate: I eat an apple in the kitchen

*Passive sentence

Object + Verbs + Subject + Info(Optional)

Ex: Apel(O) Dimakan(V) Oleh Aku(S) Di dapur(I)

Translate: An apple eat by me in the kitchen

  1. Subject..

*Aku (Informal)/ Saya (formal)/ Gua (slang) : I

Ex: Aku adalah pria

Translate: I am man

*Kamu (informal)/ Anda (formal)/ Lo(Slang) : You

Ex: Kamu adalah wanita

Translate: You are woman

*Mereka : They

Ex: Mereka adalah anak laki-laki

Translate: They are boys

*Kami : We, Us

Ex: Kami makan roti

Translate: We eat bread

*Ini : It or This

Ex: Ini adalah apel

Translate: This is apple

*Itu : It or That

Ex: Itu adalah jeruk

Translate: It is orange

  1. To be..

^Adalah : Am, Is, Are


**Aku adalah seorang pria

Translate: I am a man

**Kamu adalah seorang polisi

Translate: You are a police

**Dia adalah seorang dokter

Translate: She/He is a doctor

**Mereka/ Kami sedang makan jeruk di taman itu

Translate: They/ We are eat orange at the garden

^Sebelumnya or Tadi : Was, were


**Aku Sebelumnya seorang police, sekarang aku tidak

Translate: I was a police, now I’m not

**Kamu sebelumnya seorang penari

Translate: You were a dancer

**Dia sebelumnya seorang dokter

Translate: She/He was a doctor

**Mereka/ Kami tadi makan jeruk di taman itu

Translate: They/ We are eat orange at the garden

^Punya or Memiliki : Have, has


**Kamu memiliki kanker

Translate: You have cancer

**Dia memiliki seorang anak

Translate: She/He has a child

**Mereka/ Kami punya jeruk di taman itu Translate: They/ We have orange at the garden

Okay guys, this is the end of the lesson, I hope this is help you to learn Bahasa Indonesia..

July 8, 2019


Some of your English is a bit off like missing "a".

July 9, 2019

okay thanks

July 9, 2019

Really helps, thanks. For more info on anything, use

July 9, 2019


July 11, 2019

You’re welcome!

July 17, 2019

terimaksih banyak

July 11, 2019
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