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How To Learn Bahasa Indonesia?! Lol, that's Eassy..

Okay, let’s just start the lesson….

  1. The Grammar..

*Active Sentence

Subject + Verbs + Object + Info(Optional)

Ex: Aku(S) Makan(V) Sebuah Apel(O) Di dapur(I)

Translate: I eat an apple in the kitchen

*Passive sentence

Object + Verbs + Subject + Info(Optional)

Ex: Apel(O) Dimakan(V) Oleh Aku(S) Di dapur(I)

Translate: An apple eat by me in the kitchen

  1. Subject..

*Aku (Informal)/ Saya (formal)/ Gua (slang) : I

Ex: Aku adalah pria

Translate: I am man

*Kamu (informal)/ Anda (formal)/ Lo(Slang) : You

Ex: Kamu adalah wanita

Translate: You are woman

*Mereka : They

Ex: Mereka adalah anak laki-laki

Translate: They are boys

*Kami : We, Us

Ex: Kami makan roti

Translate: We eat bread

*Ini : It or This

Ex: Ini adalah apel

Translate: This is apple

*Itu : It or That

Ex: Itu adalah jeruk

Translate: It is orange

  1. To be..

^Adalah : Am, Is, Are


**Aku adalah seorang pria

Translate: I am a man

**Kamu adalah seorang polisi

Translate: You are a police

**Dia adalah seorang dokter

Translate: She/He is a doctor

**Mereka/ Kami sedang makan jeruk di taman itu

Translate: They/ We are eat orange at the garden

^Sebelumnya or Tadi : Was, were


**Aku Sebelumnya seorang police, sekarang aku tidak

Translate: I was a police, now I’m not

**Kamu sebelumnya seorang penari

Translate: You were a dancer

**Dia sebelumnya seorang dokter

Translate: She/He was a doctor

**Mereka/ Kami tadi makan jeruk di taman itu

Translate: They/ We are eat orange at the garden

^Punya or Memiliki : Have, has


**Kamu memiliki kanker

Translate: You have cancer

**Dia memiliki seorang anak

Translate: She/He has a child

**Mereka/ Kami punya jeruk di taman itu Translate: They/ We have orange at the garden

Okay guys, this is the end of the lesson, I hope this is help you to learn Bahasa Indonesia..

July 8, 2019



Some of your English is a bit off like missing "a".


Really helps, thanks. For more info on anything, use https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/32515254


You’re welcome!


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