"Is your grandmother behind you, Seth?"

Translation:هَل جَدَّتَك خَلْفَك يا سيث؟

July 8, 2019

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the arabic sentence is wrong it should be JadatOUka


But we haven't been taught the declensions! And others, more knowledgeable than myself, dispute that. Apparently, it depends on the dialect.


Why do they dispute that? Isn't it possessive?


That's not what they dispute. They dispute that case endings are used in ordinary Arab speech.


is it خلفَك or خلفِك?


It's خلفَك.

The "you" in "behind you" is referring to Seth. And since he's male (obviously), you'd use the masculine form of خلفك (where there is the fatha on the letter ف). You'd use خلفِك if the person you're talking to is female (i.e. هي خلفِك، يا رانية; "she is behind you, Rania).

I hope this helps anyone :)


Very helpful, yes, have a lingot! I still have a few questions though if You don't mind: is it a fact that cities are reigned over by kings? Do excuse my boldness, Your Majesty, but surely cities are the jurisdiction of mayors or some such, are they not? And why is it that you don what appears to be a trilby hat, when it was my understanding that kings prefer to adorn their forms with crowns? And a last inquiry, this City of Potatoes of which Your Majesty speaks, is it a city where sentient Potatoes such as Yourself reside, or is it named for some event of great historical avoirdupois that involved Potatoes (hallowed be Their name) in some capacity. Thank You for deigning to indulge this most humble servant with Your graciousness, Your Majesty.

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