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The audio for 'wa' is not clear


The audio for wa is not clear in the Match the pairs exercise in the first section - Alphabet one.

The Audio sounds good on the exercise with the audio that the 4 words, but not in the Match the pairs.

They just need to be the same.


P.S. How do I attach screenshots to these messages.

July 8, 2019



True it says w instead of wa


I am very frustrated by the pronunciation of the Arabic course and am wondering if anyone else is too? The pronunciation is rushed and oddly clipped on short vowels at times. It sounds inhuman.


for me it just never plays the sound


It sounds to me like a corrupted sound file. I'm no expert on sound files or on the "wa" sound in Arabic, but it's beyond frustrating when the lessons focus solely on matching a sound file to an arabic character, and one of the sounds is so obviously wrong.

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