Arabic ❤

Hello, my name is Narjis and I am happy that Duolingo put the language Arabic!

السلام و عليكم ، أنا إسمي نرجس و أنا سعيدَ أنو دوالِنغو لديها اللغة العربية!

Hope you are learning Arabic as you wanted and tell me in the comments, on a scale 1-10, how much are you learning Arabic?

July 8, 2019


I've heard two have a conversation in Arabic when I walked by and I was like:

(O-O) This is my freaking destiny; Understand Arabic.

And so, I focus on Arabic and almost completely abandon Spanish.. ( ᐛ )و

I guess for now 8, because I still want to "finish up" with Spanish before I move on.

GL! :D

July 8, 2019

I've literally[kind of ;p] abandoned all my other languages to do Arabic so I'd say around 9.5. ^-^

July 8, 2019

I would say 1/10.

I take it slow and easy because my main targets are still Hungarian and Japanese. But since there are many people speaking arabic (mostly maroccan) in my country, I will definitively go forward and learn it.

July 8, 2019


July 8, 2019
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