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"3" appearing in the middle of phonetic responses

I'm having a problem with the course where a random "3"will appear in the middle of phonetic English spellings of Arabic sounds.


Instead of "waa" I see "3waa" or "waa3".

July 8, 2019



These are not numbers, but symbols representing an Arabic letter in a transcription written in Latin letters. Here, it is explained for "2": https://www.duolingo.com/skill/ar/Country-1/tips-and-notes

And here's the explanation for the symbol "3": https://www.duolingo.com/skill/ar/Phrases/tips-and-notes

The "Tips and Notes" (the lightbulb symbol that appears in many skills in the web version) are really useful.


'3' is used to represent a sound we just don't have a letter for in English, represented by the letter "ع", called "3ayn". You will also see '2' later in the course, which represents a sound called a glottal stop, the sound you make between the two syllables in "uh-oh".

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