"Your neighbor Omar is an amazing and important doctor, Rania."

Translation:جارِك عُمَر دُكْتور مُمْتاز وَمُهِمّ يا رانْيا.

July 8, 2019

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I am a native arabic speaker, both جارَك and جارِك are wong. It is supposed to be جارُك. In arabic the name starting the sentence is called "مبتدأ" and it is always "مرفوع" meaning it ends with a sign of "رفع" which in this case is the "ُ "


I'm also an arabic native speaker and I agree with you. There are a lot of mistakes in the arabic course in duolingo.


Should I stop taking Arabic course in Duolingo!?


Hmmm considering it is free... And in general duolingo's courses are amusing and interactive (the comments section)... You should not Especially there are lot of things to learn here


What is the difference between جارِك and جارَك ? Are they indicating whether the neighbor is male/female? Or are they indicating the gender of the person you're speaking to?



In Arabic Duolingo and some Slang/dialect, جارَك "jaarak" and جارِك "jaarik" indicates the gender of the person we're talking to. The jaarak is when the neighbor is a man and the person we talk to is a man whereas jaarik is when the neighbor is a man and the person we talk to is a woman.

In Standard Arabic, جارَكَ أو جارَكِ "jaaraka/jaaraki" is occurred in the accussative case while جارِكَ أو جارِكِ "jaarika/jaariki" is in the genitive case.


I got a downvote without any feedback by a random member while my comment is correct according to qawaaid nahwiyya. All of these downvotes are very effective way to demotivate my learning spirit. It is so painful, ... If you see my mistake, please give me your feedback!

Update: (2 months later) I got an upvote. Thanks so much who ever you are! :))


Yes first one is female and second is male


From what I understand, it is the person that you are speaking to.


جارَك is for when the noun is a direct object. جارِك is when the noun is an indirect object or a possessive case. Both are wrong in the example.


Bussu and Rosetta stone applications is good to learn Arabic language


My answer was correct and it was graded wrong .....


how can we know that the "wa" is mobile?


It's simple. We use "wa" just like we use it in english (and). The difference here is that the noun comes before the adjectives. So we'll use this form: noun+adj+ و + adj


Even a person like me who speaks Urdu & not Arabic but reads Islamic Literature, can tell you that the Arabic course here is simply useless. There are not only mistakes in Arabic, now and then but English translation as well! It tells you that "You are a Jordanian" is wrong and "You are Jordanian" is right. Even putting "an" before vowel sound beginning words is called a typo! Forget about Arabic. It has no idea about kasra, rafah etc!


"You are a Jordanian" is not a sentence in English. "You are Jordanian" is a sentence. I guess that's ehy ut was marked wrong. About the Arabic, bribg a beginner i cannot say if ciyrse, byt ut sens fro native doeakers comments that indeed there are errors in this course - mainly the diatrics- but it isn't useless .


I have answered correctly, but the answer indicated as wrong one. It is system mistake. Please check

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