Japan: Grand Sumo Tournament

Hi friends!

I just wanted to take a second and share my passion for Sumo (相撲 / すもう)! The July tournament (場所) just started yesterday so this is a wonderful chance to get in on the action. The tournaments last for 15 days and are held every other month in varying cities. This month is in Nagoya! I would love to have more friends to discuss sumo with! I have been following the wrestlers (力士) for quite some time and it is exciting to see their fighting spirit.

Here is where you can watch the highlights from each day's bouts here:

To learn more, you can look in the 'Sumopedia' section of the site. There are many comprehensive lessons that teach you all about the sport.

I am cheering for Ichinojo, Takayasu, Abi and Hakuho! Who will you root for!?


July 8, 2019


I considered buying a ticket to go watch it when it was on in Tokyo during my trip to Japan a few years ago. I was trying not to spend much on things though, and the tickets were well over 100 quid (GBP); so I ended up deciding against it. Looking back, I should have just done it as I'm certain I missed out on a very impressive experience.

Btw, 相撲 = すもう, not すも.

(You may very well already know this and just typed it wrong by mistake. It took me a couple of years after learning the word 相撲 means "sumo" to realise it is actually read すもう instead. So just making sure other people know this too.) ^^

July 9, 2019

Ah! Thank you for the correction! I appreciate the heads up. I did indeed mistype... I'm going to edit that right away! I don't want to confuse anyone! (I posted this from my work computer that runs on XP still haha It's ancient and doesn't type well) If you get the opportunity, you should definitely try to go! The energy in the stadium is unreal! I get the budget though. It can get pricey and getting tickets can be difficult.

July 9, 2019

Haven't watched much sumo before, but it's cool to have something like this that keeps you engaged in the culture. I may have to check it out!

July 8, 2019

Enho! He's got a protagonist-storyline vibe and an adorable face. Hope he finishes strong this time. Also hoping Tochinoshin recovers from a bad start. And I wouldn't say I'm so much "cheering" Hakuho as just watching his dominance in amazement.

In the lower ranks, gotta cheer on Wakaichiro from Texas! Hope he makes it to the salaried ranks!

July 9, 2019

That is the perfect way to describe Hakuho's reign as Yokozuna. I want Enho to go all the way! I was so impressed with his performance in the May basho and was so upset how it ended! He started so strong!

July 9, 2019
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