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Font Problems

I have seen many posts on Duo about how small the Arabic font is. As a native Arabic speaker here is my input on this:

Arabic written in books and everyday usually has very small font. I think Duo may have done this as a way to get used to the font being small because if it would have been big, it's hard to adjust to the fact that Arabic is usually written pretty small. If you were to read a book or something it would be small. The Koran comes in many sizes of fonts depending on how big the book is. I understand that those of you who want to learn Arabic want to be able to really see all the letters especially the dots and small details. What i think should happen is for Duo to be able to allow different sizes, so that way when you are first learning Arabic you can use a large font size, then switch to medium and the normal font size as you get better in Arabic. This was just my thoughts on this as someone who is exposed to Arabic on a day to day basis, the font is pretty small. (Think of like a normal English chapter book (the font is around that size and sometimes smaller)

July 8, 2019



Great idea! ^-^ As an Arabic learner[not native], I struggle to read the small details. It'd be great if this was implemented.


Wow from all the dedication and work you put into your posts I would have guessed you were a native. I applaud you for all the hard work you are putting in while still being a learner yourself. :)


Thanks for the idea and for sharing your insider info! :)

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