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  5. "هٰذا مَطْبَخ واسِع."

"هٰذا مَطْبَخ واسِع."

Translation:This is a spacious kitchen.

July 8, 2019



there is a difference between the two , could someone tell me how to say "this kitchen is spacious "


It appears that the difference is made with the addition of the article "al" before the subject ("ال") A spacious kitchen: مطبخ عاسع The kitchen is spacious: المطبخ عاسع


This kitchen is spacious

هذا المطبخ واسع


I don't know the exact Arabic, but here is the principle (I believe): When you say "This is a spacious kitchen", the words are This Kitchen Spacious.

When you say "This kitchen is spacious" the words are TheKitchen TheThis Spacious.

When you say "This spacious kitchen" the words are Kitchen Spacious Thethis. In other words, you need to add the in various places and move the words around. Hopefully someone will give us the actual Arabic.


Patience is important, but somehow, someone needs to clarify the difference in Arabic between "This spacious room" and "This is a spacious room", if there is a difference. Perhaps the difference is in the nunation ???


The difference is the use of the definite article ال. If you do not use the article in front of the noun (kitchen, in this case), you are saying "this is a kitchen." If you use the definite article (making it a specific kitchen), you are saying "this kitchen is ... " followed by whatever you are describing it as.


Thank you Cherise


This kitchen is stupid..meh


This kitchen is spacious = This is a spacious kitchen


This is a spacious kitchen is the damne as this kitchen is spacious. But it marks you incorrect.

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