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What’s with the weird (and not very Arab sounding) names?

I studied Arabic for a semester at university, so I know quite a bit. But I’ve never heard half these names before?

Aren’t Seth and Carrie American names? I’ve never heard them in Europe, let alone in the Arabic language.

I asked Arab friends of mine, and none of them had heard of those names, and some even said that’s not even how they should be spelt either.

Other languages use traditional names... So what’s the point of using ones you’d realistically never hear?

July 9, 2019



Seth is a biblical name, so it predates the U.S. by quite a bit.

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hmm I'm not doing these lessons myself but yeah sounds a bit weird. Just a side note, the Arabic equivalent for Seth would be (شَيْثْ) [Standard Arabic: šayþ] which some dialects turn into [šéiþ]. But Carrie? Yeah, this is completely non-Arabic name.


I only noticed one or two names that could pass as Arabic names, Muhammed and something else.


فريد، عمر، مها، محمود، ريم، رانيا، اروى... They use lots of Arabic names. But is is annoying to have to deal with too much Seth, Carrie, and Bob.


I am sure this course is done by someone with bad intentions, why the hell i should knoe how to write George in arabic? Where in my life i will need it? They want to impose american culture everywhere even in a language course! They should teach me how to write Muhammed, Ahmed, Zaynab, Aisha, Hasan , Ali, Aziiz and all common names not weird american names! They teach us how to write "Uncle Sam" in arabic, this is directly imperialist !

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