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Letters 3 Level 0/5 Lesson 2/3 Bug

The following pairing cannot be made. I am stuck on this lesson. When clicked, the Devanagari letter plays no sound and the pairing, when made, shows red. Please resolve this. I have sent an email to your support team and received no response.

Also, it looks like, based on other forum posts, there may be other issues like this in the Hindi course. Please help us out!

July 9, 2019



I also have the same problem

I skipped to letters 4 and lesson 2/3 with ru also has the same problem..


Turns out this issue happens with all of letters 3. Must be a repeated lesson.

In case the imgur link is broken or missing it is the character "du" with a long "u" vowel. Pretty close to the end of the lesson.

Work around was to bypass the lesson by testing out. But that's not ideal at all.

[deactivated user]

    Is this specific to an app? I'm using the website and don't have this problem - completed Letters 3 to level 3 just now.


    Oh great! Thanks! This must be specific to the app!


    Problem still not solved.


    Still bugged, here's how it looks: https://imgur.com/a/0DlDhBP

    Please fix. For now I will learn another language... but that cannot be the case for everyone else.

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