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Up to which JLPT level is duolingo recommended ?

Hi all,

Big greetings to everybody who study Japanese !

I am new here at Duolingo, and I just passed the JLPT N5 level test a while ago. So far in the last days I started study here a I feel easy going.

I want to try now to go for N4 level, so I wonder if I do the whole study tree I have enough skills to be able to pass JLPT N4 ?

July 9, 2019



The new tree is built around the N4, but the old one, which you have, is meant to get you to N5. The new tree is currently in A/B testing.

July 9, 2019


I'm not sure even the new tree would get you to N4 on its own, to be honest. Vocab and grammar might be fine (might), but you don't get any 読解/聴解 practice on here, so you're gonna have to at least practice those elsewhere.


Tanks for the replys and infos ! I hope new tree will be released soon. But I also enjoy study the current one. Actually I realy enjoy the style how duolingo is made, it has given me new motivation to keep going on.

I think I understand that with duolingo alone, it might be difficult to come to N4 level, so I will keep using my old fahioned textbooks, flashcards etc. beside.

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