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"Nós poupamos dinheiro para abrir um restaurante."

Translation:We save money to open a restaurant.

June 10, 2014



In this situation, is "poupar" the more natural verb than "guardar"?


I grew up with a brazilian mum and around brazilians and i've never heard 'poupar' used.


I lived there for 10 years and I can tell you poupar is most definitely used. Perhaps it just never came up in conversation.


What is the difference between "salvar" and "poupar"? If there is one


The same difference as in the sentences "save your soul" and "save your money" : context. :)


what about "to open up a restaurant"?


I didn't want to write the correct translation, we are saving money to open a restaurant, as I thought it would not be accepted.


Actually to say, "We are saving..." would require a different form of the word. "Saving" would be "poupança" according to my dictionary.


'Saving' changes in translation depending on what part of speech it is. In "We are saving...", 'saving' is the present progressive form of the verb 'to save', so it would be translated literally as "Nós estamos poupando..." But the gerund 'saving' can also be used as an adjective or a noun, though it is usually used in the plural 'savings', as in "I put the money in my savings account" or "The total of our savings is $100." When it is used as a noun, its translation is 'poupança', just as your dictionary told you.


Poupamos is the plural "we save", but present simple doesn't work in English as it suggests that's our function in life or sole activity; it's what we do, like the sun shines, Present continuous is the only translation that works. I offer English classes at outrageous prices, but can often be beaten down to something more equitable.. :) perhaps you should try a different dictionary; nós estamos poupando sounds like a better translation..


or you could try nós estamos fazendo poupança


I don't mind being corrected. I could've appreciated your explanation in response to my statement, but no need to be snappy about it, especially when I was not that way with you.


How easy to be misunderstood in the virtual world; my response was intended to be the complete opposite. Sorry you took it as such. Have a hug and a smile from Brazil.


I appreciate your response. No hard feelings. I agree that virtual communication can be quite a pain sometimes...thank you


"We save money to open a restaurant" wasn't accepted


We are saving money should still be accepted!

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