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Is there a way to repeat in the "Slow" mode that there is still a "question" mark to be entered in the answer.? I notice that in the "slow" mode, you forget, due to the way the words are repeated, (if the words themselves don't denote a question), it's a question. Inflection is lost in the slow repeat, and if there are no begining "question" words.

April 16, 2013



Interesting. Currently, not. We don't take away coins for there being no question mark. What I'd do is listen to the normal mode first and then hear the slow version. Might help you pick up whether the sentence is a question or not. Have you tried that?


Thank you. First, shouldn't we, in the answer, be following the same line of thought, as in the "question"? If we are to interpret a spanish question, shouldn't there be a "?". Second, in regard the listening, I do just that, but if you (me) have to rerun it over and over in order to understand a word(s) I forget that it is a question. I now realize that I should get into the habit of entering the question mark, before I start the answer.

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