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Learning Arabic

Marhaban, I just started to learn Arabic and I'm already loving it! Every now and then I test the things I learnt so far via DuoLingo. But I do have a question.

Is it possible to get an overview of the words you learned so far? Since I'm writing it down to remember it, I would like to search some of the words from previous lessons that I forgot. I've searched if there is an overview, but I can not find it. Is it true that that is just not an option with DuoLingo?

Shukran lak for responding and I wish you a pleasant day!


July 9, 2019



yes simply go to the more tab next to shop then select words


Thank you for the reply. The only thing I can find there is a dictionary. So if I want to know a specific word, that will help me. But still it doesn't give me an overview of all the words I've learnt so far during my lessons with DuoLingo.


I'm an Arab guy and I need to practice my English language if you want to make a group that we can discuss and have conversations in Arabic and English also and with whoever wants to , do you mind ?


Oh my word, I can not even imagine why you would need to practice your English since this message is written in extremely well English, all my compliments to you! I would like to make a group to discuss both Arabic and English. But I don't really know how that works. If you figured out I would feel happy to accept your invitation.


If you work that out I'd be really happy to join you


Would you mind to tell me why you like the Arabic language?

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