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Can we get the Arabic font a bit larger?

I really enjoy learning arabic, but it would be really helpful if a larger font was used. I have difficulties recognizing all the small particles, especially when using my iPad. Thx Tom

July 9, 2019



I edited my ex's PhD dissertation on Arabic literature, which involved a lot of formatting. I know from that experience that the font and font size can be exactly the same in both English and Arabic, and Arabic will appear to be half or two thirds the size. Maybe this isn't an issue for native readers/speakers--I don't know. But this is definitely a problem for us. I don't know if the folks in charge of Arabic have the power to alter the code for this course or elevate the request to folks to Duo, but I would REALLY appreciate their efforts.

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Actually it is a problem for us native speakers sometimes as well. On my tablet for example, I put the font size in the settings on the largest possible. On computer, depending on the font and the program/app it might cause problems with the font clarity. Anyway, bear in mind that we as native speakers usually type and write without diacritics most of the time and we add them only when necessary to emphasize a certain spelling of the word.


Completely agree. Combined with the relatively low contrast of the gray-on-white font color, the small font often makes it really hard to read unless you magnify the screen to the point where the other elements won't fit on the screen anymore. Without magnification, the "a" vowel marks are nearly indistinguishable from dust specs on my screen. Doubling the font size of the text-to-translate would make for a much better user experience. This goes for almost all of duolingo's non-Latin alphabet based courses with more complicated characters (Greek and Russian seem okay).


Oh, yeah. I sometimes have to wipe my screen to see if it's a dust spec or a vowel mark.


The gray-on-white theme is a real problem, especially for people with disabilities. I've complained about this before.


I have created this custom theme which solves the font problems. As for tablets and cell phones, I can't tweak Duolingo's mobile apps. You can install Firefox on your iPad and open Duolingo with Firefox using this theme. Sorry, this is the only workaround I can think of for mobile devices.


The custom theme doesn't work on iOS because Firefox for iOS does not support extensions.

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Well, I've posted a solution for firefox (which be workable for other browsers too) but all are on PC, so not sure if there is something similar on iPad. In Firefox there is an option to specify the fonts being used for a specific language, and specify what styles they should be in and what size. Also, a quicker solution would be to hit CTRL+ + to enlarge everything in the page including the text (the zooming percentage appears in the address bar, and to get back to normal just click that percentage). Maybe something similar can be done in iPad? Using gestures maybe would work to enlarge the text?


Thanks, I hadn't realized Firefox had those settings!


I agree. The translation field uses up most of the screen in the app even though half would do. With the various accents and dots it gets more and more difficult to decipher.


Same problem here, I use the mobile app and sometimes I have to make a screenshot and zoom in to see everything


OMG, me too, I love Arabic and I don't wear glasses, normally no difficulties in reading anything what so ever, however with written Arabic in this course, I can barely read, it is so small and barely recognizable what's written


Agreed! It is impossible to make out some of the diacritics on my phone. I shouldn't have to squint to try and make out half the letters.


Totally agree. It's frustrating having to Ctrl+ to read the diacritics and then go back to Ctrl- to be able to read the whole of the next question.


I agree, we could use the font more bigger and clearer.


The total lack of pre testing in this is silly. The merest hint of proper review before release would have show how bad the font size issue was going to be... and as formpeople with disabilities, forget it.


I would like a larger font, too.


Agreed! The native language instructions are monstrously large compared to the target language tiles and zooming in is doable but very clunky for navigation. Thanks!


I agree, I have to crank my browser zoom up to 200% to be able to see the various diacritic marks, and then of course have to scroll down for the "Check" button. It's not a huge deal, but would just be nice not to have to hassle with it.


I had the same problem. Now, I installed an extension to the browser that enhances arabic script. It's way more legible, althought a bit uglier. The one I'm using is Wudooh.


Hopefully the arabic team can double or triple the font for the arabic phrases given, that would be very helpful for all arabic duolingo learners. Thanks!


Agreed, we need a larger font.


They have not made the font larger I can't see it on my phone I quit


I think you guys are making excuses if you ever seen a newspaper in Arabic the font is made so small and fine in some sections. I’m not even a native speaker and I’ve never had a problem I think it’s more about what your used to

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