"He is a French man from Paris."

Translation:هُوَّ رَجُل فَرَنْسِيّ مِن باريس.

July 9, 2019

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Do you have any idea how they messed up the spelling so badly?


They’re doing different local dialect which in this case directly becomes ‘wrong’ Arabic (by casing not spelling).


Some moderators have explained (more less) that the team/contributors tried to mix up MSA and local dialects. Perhaps, they want to facilitate some learners who prefer to use Arabic only for direct conversation.

Nb: I also see some lessons that have the "L*BT" contents in Arabic and other languages. It indicates......... :(


My answer was exact. How come incorrect?


They have both male and female versions of French there - sneaky!


They translate Faransee as Frenchman (can't do Arabic on this keyboard) but if you just put that and leave out Rajul you are marked wrong. In English he is either French or a Frenchman (in one word). You cannot say He's a French without a following noun.


I cant figure out what i did wrong. The answer i wrote looks the same??


We can't help you unless you show us exactly what you wrote.


I'd like to hear from an Arabic speaker please. Do these two phrases have the same meaning

هو رخل فرنسي... هو فرنسي...

If so, which is more natural or in what context might reach be used?


Guys this was so tricky .


Is there anyway we all can get along and discuss the issues

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