"Samia lives on an island."

Translation:سامْية تَسْكُن في جَزيرة.

July 9, 2019

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1: Why is it not 'taskunin'; 2. Samia is She and I thought that 'She lives' would be 'yaskunin'. 3. I thought that 'Taskun' means 'You live' which would make the sentence 'Samia, you live on an island'... Please, help me out.


For she we use same verb as for you male. تسكن، تعيش، تدحل


Taskun means she leaves..the root verb is sakun (lived) and adding ya or ta makes it male and female respectively.


Taskunu Samiyah fii jaziratin. The VSO order should be accepted more than SVO "Samiyah taskunu ...."


Very sorry, Duo, but the verb goes first!


It now accepts as correct the VSO verb subject object order, although it gives the SVO as preferred. I think i understand that putting Samia first in Arabic means she is the topic or focus.


Verbs first always rule numero uno


Ah, why here is not at least some basic grammar in every lesson as in other courses...why is taskun when we say:she lives and also taskun means; you live, what is the difference? My brain is boilong indeed .

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