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Question about the meaning of 'heart'

Aloha :-)

As an artist, living in the Netherlands, I make special objects and my latest design is a heart-shape. And as with my other designs, I wish to give it a name in an old language of a indeginous tribe from this world. As it is a 3-dimensional heart shape, we were looking for an Hawaiian name and we discovered the word 'pu'uwai', but we're not so sure this is the right word. Then we found ka'na'au. And we found song title, sung by Tracie Keolalani, called HULI KA NAʻAU and meaning “to change from the inside.” True and lasting change comes from the inside.

This sounds wonderful to me, but I don't know if it would be right, ethically, to use the same title for a design that I've made.

So my question to you all... can you please give me some insights about what would be the right word to express what the heart stands for on a spiritual level, like 'that what connects us', 'the love we share', etc.

Kind Regards,

Wim Roskam (enthuasiast member of Duolingo, also the Hawaiian langauge)

July 9, 2019

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Based on the concepts you're trying to highlight, it seems you're looking for "Aloha." This isn't just some greeting; there is the spirit of aloha that all natives and locals adhere to on the islands. Here is some more official documentation regarding that spirit of aloha. Hope this helps! https://www.hawaii.edu/uhwo/clear/home/lawaloha.html

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