"أُحِبّ اَلْقِراءة في ٱلْطَّبيعة."

Translation:I like reading in nature.

July 9, 2019

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correct pronunciation: al-qiraa2ata


Is that because of the accusative case?


As a native English speaker, no one would say this. You'd need to be more specific like "I like reading outside." or "I like reading in the woods."


This is so not true. Wow, people in this course say some really crazy things about English. It is shocking that you are a native English speaker. I am a native English speaker and I would say it. Lots of people would say it. I don't see anything wrong with the sentence as is. There is no need whatsoever to be more specific. In fact, I would argue that "in nature" is more specific than "outside". Outside could mean basically anywhere outdoors including your yard, a park, a mountainside, the parking lot at the mall, on the dividing wall in the middle of a four lane highway.... In nature on the other hand means someplace relatively unspoiled by human development, which is far more restricted than outside.


Maybe it's regional? (Or generational…) But "in nature" sounds clunky or incomplete to me in this sentence too. (Native speaker who travelled here from the 1970s with this message.) "In the countryside" or similar would feel more natural English.


Where are you from? It doesn't work in UK English.


It certainly doesn't.


I suspect the reason for that is, we don't have a lot of unspoilt wilderness in the UK. We have officially recognized AONBs, and we have countryside which is managed in some way, usually for agricultural purposes.

"In nature" is i think more the kind of thing you hear in places like Canada and the United States.


It should be القراءةَ with a فتحة


I like reading au naturel.


I appreciate the diversity of expression across the use of English, but in the UK at least, "I love reading in nature" sounds really odd. In the countryside, outside, outdoors - fine.


As a native US English speaker, I agree it's very odd and I can't imagine a native speaker saying this. It seems to imply nature is a place. "We're going to ride our bikes to nature, then do some reading."


Reading in nature?


Yes, it's the ultimate experience!


How would you say "i like reading about nature"


أحبُ القراءةَ عن الطبيعة.


Okay, so in this sentence the Enlglish is "in nature" and not "int the nature"? I agree that "in nature" is correct.


Yes because the sentence is not talking about a specific place. To what other sentence are you comparing this one?


I agree this sounds strange to British English speakers. Unless it is the "Nature" magazine then it implies that "I like to take a book and go out into the countryside and read"! Well I have done that on extremely rare occasions and only in good weather. Perhaps this is just another one of those little differences between British English and American English, rather like the fact that in this course "you" (plural) is translated as "you all". I agree it makes it clearer for teaching purposes but you practically never hear that construction in Britain


Maybe that's because in England your book would get wet?


I've just noticed John 9570's post so it's not American either - I suggest the writers of this course have a look at this.


I dont have any issues with the phrasing here, but I was definitely fooled by that "white" - I thought it was "while"!


Rubbish English. "Natural surroundings" would be better.


Why not "the nature" ?

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