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Dynamic Dictionary

Hi everyone, I'm studying Arabic and I wonder if there is a feature on this website of a kind of a "dynamic dictionary" that records all the words I have studied by far? so I could revise them once in a while?


July 9, 2019



There is. On the bar at the top of the screen (it could be somewhere else if you are not on the computer), roll over "MORE" and press "Words". It shows a chart that has all the words you have learned and tells you the last time you practiced each individual word. It also tells you if the word is still strong in your memory and if it is time to practice


Thanks for the reply, but I can't see it here, it shows only "events" and "dictionary" perhaps you know why?


With some languages there is a tab 'words' there. This doesn't seem to be the case for Arabic.(?)

At Duome you can see the words you've practiced under the second tab: https://duome.eu/ChenBenDav1/progress

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