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Suggestion: (optionally) show ALL accepted answers

When submitting a correct answer, Duolingo will often show an alternate accepted form. This is awesome.

Sometimes, after doing this, I have wondered about whether a third, different answer would have been acceptable. It would obviously be overwhelming and ugly to always list all possible answers to a question (not to mention a nightmare from a visual and ui design standpoint). However, it seems to me it would be reasonable to make such a feature optional -- provide a disclosure button, labelled "See other correct answers" which pops up a sheet with all currently accepted answers.

That's not something I would want to use on every sentence -- but on the few where I wish it was there, I really miss not having it.

April 16, 2013



I think even just as an option this might end up showing an incredibly large list in many cases, with only minor differences, and many of which are technically rather awkward but have to be accepted because they're not wrong.

That said, I see where you're coming from, and I certainly wouldn't be opposed to this functionality, maybe even one that showed a reduced list, but more than what's presently displayed. I might suggest a variant of it, which is instead a field into which you can type another variant of the sentence for Duolingo to tell you whether it thinks that is also correct. Sometimes I'm curious if something is accepted but I keep using what I know is accepted so I don't lose points.


Sure, and you might very well be right - if the list of acceptable answers is incredibly huge, showing all of them might not make sense from a UI standpoint. But even some limited "Show more answers" which threw up a sheet showing up to some predetermined number of additional answers (5? 10?) would be useful to me.


Your suggested improvement is quite nice, because (as I wrote in a similar thread before) you are right that the list could be immense... by the power of factorials.


Good sugestion. I would like to see all the correct answers when I wish to.


I totally agree. It seems to only show other acceptable answers when you don't give the "main" translation that they have. I would like to always be able to see any acceptable answers.


I'm going to bump this old suggestion, because there have been many times when I have wished for the same thing. Is it actually technically unfeasible? There may be millions of ways to express a particular idea in a particular language, but I'm pretty sure Duolingo does not accept millions of different answers as correct for "The dog ran away." And honestly, if I could pull up lists that showed hundreds of accepted ways of translating a particular sentence into a new language that would be INCREDIBLY HELPFUL in learning that language. It would be huge for understanding the patterns of the new language.


i was thinking the same that this would be kinda useful.

Perhaps in a rollover container so you don't see it if you don't want to. Or even as a link in new tab so the UI doesn't get bloated.

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