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"I have a problem with the faucet in the kitchen."

Translation:عِنْدي مُشْكِلة مَعَ ٱلْحَنَفِيّة في ٱلْمَطْبَخ.

July 9, 2019



مَطبخ (maTbakh) is a 'cooking place' or a kitchen

مِطبخ (miTbakh) is a cooking utensil


just a little pronunciation mistake, kitchen is pronounced "Matbakh" and not "Metbakh"


What is the typo that i have? Is it the symbol abilove the alif in the word for faucet?


Yes it is. I got it wrong, too. I've noticed that when the previous word in the sentence has an ending with a "a" sound, that the alif changes.

In this case "مَعَ اَلْحَنَفِيّة" should be "مَعَ ٱلْحَنَفِيّة"

And it's so small when rendered on my screen :(

Hope this helps!


I wish someone would write tips for this lesson. This new alif is confusing me and I would like to know what it is called and when to use it. I've been trying to figure out a rule when to use this new alif and haven't figured it out. Maybe you are right and it has to do with the ending in the previous word.


The new alif is called hamzatul wasl. It is where the alif isn't pronounced at all. Tbh I think their transliteration of it is a bit misleading. Listen to the audio carefully to understand the correct way to pronounce it as their transliteration is a bit misleading in this case.


This symbol unfortunately has no importance in real life even in fusha.... Try not to confuse yourself with these small details from the start

İt's as simple as this

Hamzat-ul-wasl is alif with no hamza upon it ا and generally it is not pronounced... So an example والعصر is pronunced wa-lasir... You pronunce و and after that ل directly

Hamzat-ul-kati' is alif with hamza upon it(or under it, it depends on the case) أ/إ and that is always pronunced. an example: وأدرس كل يوم is wa- A'druso so you pronunce و and after it the sound of Hamza ...




MSA, levantine dilacte and Egyptian dilacte use مشكلة مع only when the problem is with a living being. otherwise it is مشكلة في . In this case I would rather say عندي مشكلة في الحنفية في المطبخ


?الصنبور : the faucet


i was told i had a 'typo' in this sentence for 'the kitchen', but no other word for 'the kitchen' was available in the choice. This has happened a few times in other sentences. Is it the computer's reading skills or the course setter's problem?


This is the second time this evening that you tell me, I have a typo. How can I possibly have a typo when you are doing the typing? And is there a way to generate a virtual keyboard?


If you are using the word blocks and have a typo it means you should have chosen a different word block. If you chose the wrong word block that was only wrong by one mistake then Duo will give you a pass and tell you that you have a typo.

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