Maybe I'm dense, but I have no idea how to refresh lessons and get points. This is not the same as repeating a lesson already completed. Anyone out there have a brief summary. Thanks.

April 16, 2013


Each skill (Food, Phrases... ) has a "Practice skill" button under the lessons. Also there is an another option: find a link in the right bottom corner of the skill → View full vocabulary from "Food" click on it and you will see on the right Practice weakest words (for that skill) . I hope this is what you have been looking for.

There are a few methods of refreshing your knowledge:

  • Redo a completed lesson. Lessons are not fixed, so you may even see sentences you've never seen before. Redoing a lesson a few times usually covers all possible sentences. You have 3 hearts and get 10-13 points if you pass.

  • "Practice skill" button inside the unit gives you random sentences from all the completed lessons in this unit. You can choose timed (20 questions, 30 seconds, 1 point + 7 extra seconds for every correct answer) or untimed practice (3 hearts, 10-13 points if you pass).

  • "Practice weakest words" button in the Vocabulary section. If you are interested in a particular unit, select this unit in Vocabulary or click "View full vocabulary from [lesson]" link inside the unit → Practice weakest words. Note that there is a bug with vocabulary practice: you get less points than expected. However, this practice is the best for choosing words that are really the weakest. There is no timed practice here. You have 3 hearts.

  • "Practice all skills" button on the home page. You can choose timed or untimed practice.

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