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"هٰذِهِ الْبِناية جَديدة وَواسِعة اَلْحَمْدُ لِله."

Translation:This building is new and spacious, praise be to God.

July 9, 2019



why in this example, thank god is not accepted?


I wrote: this is a new and spacious building, praise be to God. Isn't that correct?


I was also confused, I asked my husband who is Lebanese. Basically he told me "this is a new building" and "this building is new" sounds the same in Arabic.


hi! I can explain this. It is "this building is..." instead of "this is a..." because of agreement. When an ال follows هذه او هذا that means it is the subject and would go "this ____ is". Then new and spacious are both indefinite, given they don't have an ال so they don't agree with building and would be a part of the predicate rather than the subject. Sorry this is so difficult to explain here, but I hope that makes sense!


Black magic I tell ya!


I don't understand what the first letter to write God is, is this a "L"?


The word Allah technically starts with the definite article "al-," and when you use the preposition لـ with a word that starts with "al-," you throw the alif out. So "God" is الله and "to God" is لله. Alif and laam being the first letters, respectively.


LLI لله and it adds automatically the thing above! ie ل ل ه when they are together come like this لله


Adjectives should be before or after nouns? Not consistent


After, reading right to left...did they fix something? Because it's consistent for me?


My answer is correct why you take it wrong It is not good

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