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Salaam (سلام) I came back to Duolingo after a 2 year hiatus for Arabic. No regrets.

I love Arabic! The course is super well-laid-out and the diacritics help me to remember the words when I learn them. I know I won't get to use them in real life but they're very useful when learning. I learned the Arabic script on my own time and how to write it, but never learned the diacritics. It's really fun! ^~^

July 9, 2019



Wouldn't that read "Slaam" (سلام)? Salaam would look like this: سَلام If you have mac, in order to create the "a", "i", and "u" marks, you just have to click a, i, or u while holding the alt button down.

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for a native speaker it would be understood naturally that it is "salám" سلام - without any marks (diacritics) for short vowels (this is how we write daily) :)


In the real world, you won't get to use the diacritics, so it would just be سلام. You're right if I'm on Duolingo campus though, haha.

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