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  5. An Arab show I'd recommend ^-^


An Arab show I'd recommend ^-^

There's this show I've started watching and it's really good. So good I'd recommend it. It's called عُمَرْ (Umar) and it is 30-episode series showcasing the various events during the life of Umar Ibn Al-Khattab (ra) from his pre-Islamic days till his assassination. The series depends solely on established historical facts[needed to point that out ;p]. Apparently 'It’s one of the highest-rated Arabic miniseries ever, and that’s just perfect for you, the learner' which I would definitely agree with. And the great thing is it's all in MSA so no dialects. XD

I can understand a few words but in the future I hope to know more. ^-^

July 9, 2019


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Syrians used to do a lot of historical series like that, and for me they were/are state-of-the-art when it comes to the language, as well as the acting. However, such historical shows might, just might, sometime diverge from the MSA into the Classical realm. Depends on the content of course. Classical is good of course and I try to educate myself in it (as well as reference it for better MSA) but for people beginning with Arabic here as non-natives, I'm not sure it would work with them smoothly


Nice, thanks for this! Do you have a link?


You got me pretty excited, but please let me know where I can find in on the web. Thanks


Yeah I heard about this before, thanks for sharing!


Any other Arabic shows/movies, etc in MSA

Thanks btw

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