Grrrr... Why are most of the light bulbs missing from most of the French tree?!?

Why why why would duolingo provide great little mini-tutorials for, say, about the first one-third of the total number of skills, clickable on a little light bulb, AND NOT CONSISTENTLY PUT THEM ON ALL THE REST? This is beyond frustrating. This inconvenience is huge and makes zero sense. In addition, it appears the French trees can arbitrarily change with no advance notice, and to the detriment of the student's prior progress. I was excited about using duolingo extensively this fall, but on further reflection, I don't think I'm going to subject my students to such frustration.

July 9, 2019


Here I explained that I was told that staff/contractors have been so far only working on new tips (for the mobile apps, different layout/features, already ported over to the web) for their new CEFR skills - but not the old skills with moved/restructured content:$comment_id=33052415

July 11, 2019
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