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  5. "شَيْء سَهْل"

"شَيْء سَهْل"

Translation:an easy thing

July 9, 2019



Note that "shay'un", is often pronounced and spelled "shi" in dialects and can mean "something", as in "shii taani", meaning "something else". In Egypt and Saudi Arabia, the phrase is "Haaga/Haaja taani", "حاجة تاني".

The plural of shay'un is 'ashyaa'un, the plural of shi is 'ishyaa, and and the plural of haaga/haaja is haagaat/haajaat.

"Shii" can also simply mean "some" or "a", as in "shii yom", "some day" and "shii mishkli", "a problem".

"Shii" can also mean "about", as in "shii 'ishriin-i d'ii'a", "about twenty minutes".


All comments should be like this one with helpful info praise to you

[deactivated user]

    Who are you, who are you so wise in the ways of Arabic...[meme]


    'Something easy' wasn't accepted. How would you say that then? Thank you!


    I think that should be accepted.


    Why is شَيْء pronounced with "un" in the end? I know that if you have " ً " it adds "an" to the end of the word but i don't get this


    I think so too. It is better english.

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