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  5. "رَجُل مُهِمّ"

"رَجُل مُهِمّ"

Translation:an important man

July 9, 2019



This ه is a letter by itself and pronounced lighter and without the use of your throat unlike ح. Also don't confuse it with ة, as it denotes femininity and pronounced multiple ways determined by the content and context of the sentence. If you want to learn how to write it's best to start in YouTube, lots and LOTS of tutors there with extensively taught videos. I suggest "Arabic Khatawaat". The female teacher is American and is very very good at her art.


We add (ة) to the singular feminine in adjectives only, for example, she is beautiful هي جميلة, she is smart هي ذكية, but in the masculine singular we do not add (ة).


There are supposedly 3 comments. Where are they?


glitch i think. i cant see them either.


they are invisible comments we learned the word for weird;)


They should show us how to write the letters! I don't understand how the letter ه works in the middle of a word, as is مُهِمّ here


Also every language takes time to learn, you need to keep learning Arabic everyday to conform to it's ways. I also suggest maxing out levels of each exercise.

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