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"اَلْأَزْهَر جامِعة إِسْلامِيّة مَشْهورة."

Translation:Al-Azhar is a famous Islamic university.

July 10, 2019



Al azhar islamic university is famous - why is this not accepted?


Your sentence makes it sound like the name of the university is "Al Azhar Islamic University". It is not. It is just Al Azhar. To avoid this confusion in English, it needs to say Al Azhar is a famous Islamic university.


Al-Azhar is a famous islamic university- is the English translation


I stated as Al-Azhar is a famous Islamic University and it still told me it was incorrect...

I doubt understand where I made the mistake.


That's literally the answer so you probably didn't type it correctly


I wrote 'Al-Azhar is a well known Islamic university' and was marked incorrect. Duolingo really ought not to be this limited in its recognition of translations.


The correct spelling actually includes a hyphen between well and known: well-known. Many people don't use it though, and I agree that DuoLingo should accept it without.


If you think your translation should be accepted, you need to click on the "Report" button and then on the option "My answer should be accepted". But, I now see that the Arabic course does not have that option, yet.


Al Azhar is a popular Islamic University- why is this wrong??

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