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how to pronounce "yo" in Spanish

why can't i hear the pronunciation of each word ? which settings do i need to enable?

July 20, 2012



You can click the "Vocabulary" link at the top of the page and find the word "yo" and then you will get an option to hear it. Might be tricky to find it on the list. Scratch that I see you're very new your list will be short and it will be easy to find.


depends on the region. in many places its pronounced as you would thing, with a "y" sound. but in Argentina it is pronounced with more of a "j" or a "jh" sound. Argentina is really influential in the media (its RIGHT behind Mexico for news coverage in the Latin American world), so the "j" or "jh" pronunciation has been gaining popularity.


If you are having issues hearing pronunciations you can click the "slower" audio icon. I find it really helpful for some sentences where the words seem to merge a little.

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