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  5. "أَهْلاً يا جودي."

"أَهْلاً يا جودي."

Translation:Hello, Judy.

July 10, 2019



Someone has already explained the use of this particle, but since I can't find the relevant post, here is what Wikipedia says about it:

يَا • (yā)

vocative particle preceding a noun used in direct address; only rarely omitted in such contexts; occasionally translated as o or hey يا كندا!‎ yā kanadā! O Canada! يا كريم...‎ yā karīm... (Hey) Kareem, ... يا حبيبي!‎ yā ḥabībī Hey my love!


You use it every time you are speaking with someone and you call them by their name. It's a vocative particle.


Ahlaan also means welcome


I am learning arabic not english plz consentrat on my arabic

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