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  5. "عَلي مُتَرْجِم سورِيّ."

"عَلي مُتَرْجِم سورِيّ."

Translation:Ali is a Syrian translator.

July 10, 2019



Whats the difference between spelling of Syrian and fast. They sound the same


I put translator (female) and got it right


Ali is not one of the options in Engliish. The lesson keeps repeating so I can't move on. Initially, the course was excellent. Reading is great. But, as it progresses, the questions are getting sloppy--there is overprinting, wrong answers to choose from, and the hover dictionary is often confusing. I believe I'll switch to another language.l


Why is it "-un" here after the word 'mutarjim', and not "-atun"?

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