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"Carrie is a fast American translator."

Translation:كَري مُتَرْجِمة أَمْريكِيّة سَريعة.

July 10, 2019



Can someone explain how to determine what order the adjectives are written when translating? Is there a strict convention? Does it sound weird if I write "كَري مُتَرجِمة سَريعة أَمريكَيّة" instead of the answer above?


Yes. There are rules for adjective order in Arabic, just as there are rules for English and other languages. In English, adjectives come before nouns, in Arabic, the adjectives come after nouns. English: A fast American translator. Arabic: translator American fast. The Arabic words are said in the reverse order of the English words.


That's not exactly what I meant. Word order in general of course has significant implications in Arabic as in most languages. I'm referring specifically to order within adjectives, for which I was unaware of any special rules regarding which come first. Are there other examples or is it specific only when nationality is involved?

Example, is كري مترجمة سريعة وذكية just as valid as كري مترجمة ذكية وسريعة ?


Yes, changing the order of adjectives can change the meaning of sentences. The first sentence you wrote says "Carrie is a fast translator and smart", the second says "Carrie is a smart translator and fast".

If you're also asking if there is an order, as in English, such as: quantity, quality, size, age, shape, color, nationality, and purpose, you'll have to ask that of someone who knows Arabic well.

"They are four, fast, little, old, fat, sunburned, American, State Department translators." Would that sentence still be translated in the same, but reversed order as the English sentence? I'm not sure, but, if I were forced to speculate, I'd say "yes".

Any Arabic teachers out there?


As far as I'm aware there are no rules or even conventions for adjective order. It should be just however you want to say it. I think it is just poorly programmed, otherwise perhaps someone with more experience can correct me here.


How do I say Saria (Fast) in feminine form?


I think sari is masculine, saria - feminine.

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