Translation:from, away from (type 5 noun suffix)

July 10, 2019



What the heck? Why do I need to type out that entire thing? Is that correct or perhaps a mistake?


That is just the answer set to show to users. In fact it will accept "from" as a complete and correct answer (as well as some other variations of differring lengths).


It doesn't accept from or away, whether separately or together.


"Away" alone would not be accepted, but "from" is one of the possible translations in the system. I don't see any flag reports. Did you happen to get a screen shot?


The echo sound you hear after the stop is not an audio problem. Marc Okrand explains in TKD that you may hear a faint echo of the vowel after a stop. It's not required. I wouldn't try to force it to happen, but if you speak your vowels forcefully and your qaghwI'mey abruptly, as you should, sometimes it will happen. It's a fully normal part of Klingon speech and you need to understand it as natural variation.


It sounds like she is saying voq


Was it the exercise entry at the top of the screen or was it the individual word file that plays when you select the word tile or ask for the word hint?


It was the exercise itself


It sounds fine to me. Was this the audio you were hearing? https://d1vq87e9lcf771.cloudfront.net/tlh_v2/fe07fe74f2d35e9a2f843e49455d38fc

There have been times where the system played an older file and not the corrected version we have given it, though I don't see how this would be one of those situations. If that is the file you are hearing, then I think it may just be your ears playing tricks on you. The q and ' are made in a very similar manner and in locations that are very close to each other. So the sounds can be very similar and it can be difficult sometimes to distinguish them. And since your ear is not used to hearing either of those sounds as a part of language, it might be having extra difficulty with them. I hope it becomes easier over time, but even advanced speakers occasionally have to ask for the sound to be repeated or ask if it was a qay or a qaghwI'.


I understand why you might think it sounds that way. The qaghwI' (') and the qay (q) sounds are both stops. But if you hear them contrasted, you'll probably recognize the difference. As a very rough description, I think there's more of a "click" with q, and more of a "cough" with '.

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