"Bashir is a good and fast doctor."

Translation:بَشير دُكْتور جَيِّد وَسَريع.

July 10, 2019

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Why not "سريع وجيّد" The order of the adjectives has an importance?


I had the same question too.


Me too. Based on some other sentences I figured a rule of thumb that we should follow the opposite order of adjectives than in English (and, since the writing direction is reversed, adjectives should appear in the same order when written down). But I think it only applies if we are listing various qualities without any conjunction (some of them more important or inherrent than others). In this case we are using "and" to list "equal" adjectives. Since we put nouns before adjectives in Arabic and nouns after adjectives in English, the question whether to reverse or not the order of such a list in translation seems more like a matter of taste than grammar. I suppose the order would be important only if it was some fixed expression. (I'm just guessing here, both English and Arabic are foreign languages to me).


It is a correct translation, and there is no difference in meaning. If it is not accepted by Duo then the reason is probably that it differs from the order they've used in the original sentence.


The female جيدة is marked as a typo but should be wrong

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Why not سريعة"؟"


Because the form you propose is feminine.


Why not “doktorun”?


If you want to pronounce the case endings, yes: bashiir-un duktuur-un jayyid-un wa-sarii3.


The doctor was from Fast and Furious series i guess


Nah, this is the chief medical officer on Star Trek: Deep Space 9

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