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  5. "عِنْد كَري كَراج."

"عِنْد كَري كَراج."

Translation:Carrie has a garage.

July 10, 2019



what does عند mean here?


I forgot to say also be careful not to translate every verb to have, to Arabic using the word عند because in many cases that would not make sense.

"I have to go" means عَلَيَّ الذّهاب which word for word is"on me, going"

"You have to eat" means عَلَيْك أن تأكل which word for word is "on you, to eat"

"I have many duties" means عَلَيَّ واجبات كثيرة which word for word is "on me, many duties"

"I have few rights" means لِي حقوق قليلة which word for word is"for me, few rights" (Notice the difference between the preposition used with rights vs duties)

"I have brown hair" means لِي شعر بنّيّ which word for word is"for me, brown hair"

"I have a brother" means لِي أخ which word for word is "for me, a brother"

"I have a house" means عِنْدِي بيت which word for word is "at me, a house" expressing having a house in which you live, not that you own it. But لِي بيت which word for word is "for me a house" would almost always express the ownership.

"Do you have money?" means أَعِنْدَكَ مال which word for word is "by you money?"

"Do you have money with you?" (right now, so you can pay for something) means أَلَدَيْكَ مال which word for word is "at you money?" (notice the difference)


The closest translation of عند is "by". But word for word translation doesn't make sense always because languages are different, especially at the level of prepositions. In Arabic there is no verb "to have", so we use various prepositions to express its different meanings. (by the way, there are the verb "to own" which is مَلَكَ and the verb "to get to own" which is اِمْتَلَكَ ).

Now وقفتُ عند الباب means "I stood by the door" ; استيقضتُ عند شروق الشمس means "I woke up by the sunrise"


I think the notes section said that عند meant "have/has". The sentence structure "to have" in Arabic is different than in English. The structure in English is "I have [something]" while the structure in Arabic is "Have I [something]".


what is the notes section?


If you are using a laptop, check for a lightbulb or a tips button before starting the exercises. It has notes on what is coming up.


Is it 3inda and not 3ind because of the noonation?


No, 3inda is a preposition, which usually ends in a.


I thought it would be 3indaha


I guess duo is destroying my knowledge of Arabic XD where r the notations? Enda Shadien bayton. No arab says End Shadi Bayt. Where are admins to help?


Shouldn't that be کري عند کراج ؟


I think what you wrote means Carrie is around/close/standing at the side or inside the garage.


Is the reversal of subject and verb a general rule then?


There is no verb here.


Sentences can be structured in alot of ways there is no set way to say alot of sentences.

[deactivated user]

    Why doesn't use عندها ? Carrie is a man or woman ? Tbh I think Carry is woman


    The word ها is for beginning a yes/no question. This is not a question. And yes, Carrie is a woman.

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