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What's the difference between 'Diam' and 'Sepi'?!

As indonesian, i'm confused how to explain these words to Y'all, cause i don't know how to explain in English..

But yeah, i'm trying..

So let's start it..

Diam, this word used when someone not talking, animal won't make any sound or a thing did'nt make any sound. We can use this word when we want to order someone to be quiet. Also wee can use this word to tell someone that a thing did'nt make any sound.

Ex: 'Radio itu diam'

Translation: 'The radio is silent'

Diam, also means : he did'nt fight back, stay still, remain still, etc.

Ex: 'Dia diam ketika dipukul'

Translation: "He was silent when being hit'

Sepi, it means there's no crowd or sound in a place, for eaxample, when we came into a house but there is no one lives there, Or there not lot of guests in your house.

Ex: 1. 'Oh rumah ini sepi sekali!'

Translation: 'Oh, This house really silent!'

  1. 'Selama seminggu mal ini sudah sepi'

Translation: 'For a week this mall has been deserted'

i'm confused how to explained it, hahaha, i hope those help you to learn bahasa indonesia. I'm sorry for my bad english..

see ya..

July 10, 2019



Terima kasih banyak!! Kamu dari Indonesia?


yass, i'm indonesian! hehehe..


Baik!! Jadi beruntung!!


Bahasa Indonesia anda baik sekali. Lebih baik dari pada Bahasa Indonesia saya. Juga, penjelasan anda sangat membantu. 'makasih


Hey, Bahasa Indonesia anda baik sekali jg!! Terus bekerja dengan baik!! Berapa lama apakah anda sudah belajar Bahasa Indonesia??


Kamu berdua terdengar kayah orang asing.


Bahasa indonesia anda sangat bagus!


Quite is a good translation for both sepi and diam.


Diam means stfu though.


And so can quite when you are stern or shout.


it's really help, thanks


What word would you use to describe the voice of someone who is talking quietly so as not to wake someone who's asleep?


"Suara kamu pelan sekali"= "Your voice really quiete", is that what you mean?


I always felt that "pelan" just means slow? Would "suara kamu kecil" be a better option? My mom/family used to always say "suara besar"/"suara kecil" for "loud noise"/"soft noise". I'm a native English speaker but I grew up speaking Indo at home (sebetul saya membicara Indo sebelum bisa membicara Inggris). My Indonesian isn't very good tho bc I never speak it outside the house.


Uh oke. Tp "Suara kamu pelan sekali" adalah lebih baik.


Very clear explanation.

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