"Apakah Anda punya kertas?"

Translation:Do you have paper?

July 10, 2019

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"do you have a paper" or "do you have papers" is proper


If you're aiming for proper, you should never say "a paper" when you really mean "a piece of paper" or "a sheet of paper". Better would be "some" or "any" paper.

We don't use counters much in English, but there are a few words that should never be counted via a/an without them (e.g., you wouldn't say you have "a lettuce", but "a head of lettuce" or "a piece of lettuce" instead). Paper (when referring to basic paper, and not a newspaper) is one of those words.

The duo sentence is fine :)


I don't agree with "do you have papers" but yes, "do you have a paper" is proper


In Australia, you would moe likely say 'do you have some paper', especially in an educational setting. cheers

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