"زَوْج وَزَوْجة"

Translation:a husband and a wife

July 10, 2019

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Would this not also be correct without the articles , just “husband and wife”?


Yes, it is also correct. That is what I wrote, and i got it right!


Seriously. This is not worth paying for. There is a constant suffix "tan" that is not in print.

This makes the entire process of learning this language through this app dubious.

How much of this is actually correct? Why do they not fix it!!!!


I used to get "tan", a couple of months ago, but they seem to have mended that. Progress!


I think the suffix 'tan' we hear is nunation or something?? So it's spoken as part of standard arabic grammar, but not written. It had me confused too, there should be some explanation of what it is before throwing it into the course. But yeah, I saw other people call it 'nunation'. Maybe look it up if you're curious

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