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  5. "اَلْأُسْتاذ ذَكِيّ."

"اَلْأُسْتاذ ذَكِيّ."

Translation:The professor is smart.

July 10, 2019



Whats the difference between "the professor is smart" and "the smart professor"? Are both the same in arabic?


As far as i know, "the smart professor" would need to have ال in front of the adjective as well (adjectives have to agree in definiteness if they are grouped with a noun): اَلْأُسْتاذ الْذَكِيّ


The professor is smart: الاستاذ ذكي The smart professor: الاستاذ الذكي


No, both are not the same at all.

The professor is smart = الأستاذ ذكي In Arabic, this sentence is already completed because we have subject(الأستاذ) and predicate(ذكي).

The smart professor = الأستاذ الذكي.... Unfortunately, this sentence is not complete yet. That's why i put "...."

It's pretty confusing. Let me know if you don't understand. Thank you.


The professor is smart الأستاذُ ذكيٌّ

The smart professor الأستاذُ الذكيُّ

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