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  5. "لَيْسَ هُناك لُغة صَعْبة."

"لَيْسَ هُناك لُغة صَعْبة."

Translation:There is no difficult language.

July 10, 2019



There is, and its this one.


Nah , you'll make it ;)

Funny , coming out of a person who's studying Chinese.


Mandarin and Arabic, to an English speaker, are probably of roughly equivalent difficulty, albeit in completely different ways.


I think Chinese is simpler to manage as a beginner, while slightly harder to deepen than Arabic.


My mother tongue is the most difficult one! -- at least, I should use three different languages in this course.


Im learning arabic from english and my language is spanish. My brain transform the arabic noun-adjective into english adjective-noun. Then it turn into spanish noun-adjective just to turn into english adjective-noun, and that's the final answer.


I'm learning it from English, too, but my native language is German. So I have to switch from one difficult and complex grammar to another :D


Same : from French to English to Arabic lol


Same here but coming from Italian haha


Me also from Italian: 90% of errors by bad sentence construction... in English! :D


I know. Just when you think you understand the structure it changes. Conjugation is starting to make sense. This gender thing though I think is not really necessary.


Same, from Arabic to English to Hebrew, actually Arabic and Hebrew are very similar. יאללה מי פה עוד ישראלי?


I beg to disagree! Arabic is easy for me because I'm a Hebrew native speaker, but I'm studying Czech for 4 years now (in real life as well), and since the Slavic language logic is foreign to me, it's soooo difficult!


Well, I am native Czech and many locals cannot speak and write the language properly. That says something :D


Arabic must be really easy for you because they are in the same language family with Hebrew. In Slavic languages even the word order is come across as complex sometimes...


You have a benefit as both read backwards. :) I wonder who decided and when to change sentence direction. The Slavic languages are such tongue twisters.


lol no one decided, this is how the language formed


I am also a Hebrew native speaker, but the app is in English. So for a lot of sentences i have to translate them in my head from english to Arabic so I have the correct words ans then from Arabic to english to Hebrew to make sure i have the correct grammar and word order


Haha exactly, מזדהה :)


yes there is and it's name is Arabee :)


Finally you don't hurt me Duo

But you're hurting me when I see this is ironically :)


You'll make it Santiago.


There is and it's Turkish. Arabic is easy in comparison (so far


I'll give you that. Lived in Turkey for a year and a half in the early 70's. It seems the words have gotten longer. Why change the last letter of a noun to another still makes no sense. Can understand very basic. Arabic has become easier as I can read it pretty well. Can't always give the proper response but usually get the gist of what is being said.


Well at least you get to learn a lot of stuff once you are able to conjugate suffixes. + There is no grammatical gender in Turkish and the syntax order is relatively free:) but i can imagine it being so challenging for others. Good luck!


I don't say Arabic is difficult but even my Arabic teacher said "Learning Arabic is equal to learn 3 random languages" :D


I think that's a rumor‼️


Have you tried Basque?


I'd love to try! I hope Duo adds it soon.


Whats wrong with this " There is no difficulty in this language"


There is no في or هذا


I'm a native urdu speaker so arabic isn't that difficult for me. But studying it in English makes it harder. Plus duolingo forces me to learn the alphabet but i already know that it's so frustrating


Try to learn the Czech. One of the most difficult languages in the universe

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