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Should I Write in Arabic? - And Will There Be Writing Exercises?


I am loving the course. I took a semester of Arabic in college, approx. 7 years ago, and am so glad to be revisiting Duolingo now (I initially used it for practicing Spanish while in college).

I primarily use the App on my Android Phone. I have an Arabic keyboard now installed on Gboard. Should I use that to complete the in-app exercises (rather than using a word bank) to better practice while learning the fundamentals?

Also, will there be writing exercises later on in versions of the course?


July 10, 2019

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I strongly believe in writing, as I don't learn well from listening and reading alone. However, the Arabic course starts out with the non-connecting characters, which are - esp. the dal and dhal - in very off-center positions, whereas typing exercises typically start with characters in the ground position. (I am usually using DL at my laptop, where I can type using all fingers.) I.e. adding typing to the Arabic exercises takes a bit of extra effort, but I think it is worth it. Ideally, the course could be structured to introduce typing from the beginning, ie instead of all the 'match the pairs' exercises having some selection exercises, which would allow to use the keyboard for typing the characters and nonsense syllables.

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