Some of my Favorite German Songs

July 10, 2019


I think Mark Foster is great!

I have not heard of Philipp Dittberner before but he sounds great too.

Thanks sharing

Here is one by Adrian Stern:

July 10, 2019

Adrian Stern seems to sing in Swiss German. I love Swiss German but it should be mentioned how different it is from Standard German.
90% of my fellow Germans would not understand this song.

Do you know if there’s an english translation for the Adrian Stern song? I can’t understand swiss german, unfortunately :(

I really like it though!


I'll just add some German folk songs and an extract from Wagner's opera "Tristan und Isolde".

thanks I love Folk songs so got excited when I just listened to the ones you posted. Have 2 lingots.

Interesting! I think the second one is my favorite

That sounds better than it should. xD
Similar bands are Schandmaul, Subway to Sally, In Extremo.

Also from Revolverheld:
The best song of theirs I've ever heard.

Yes, they have a lot of great songs!

Juli – Regen und Meer:
Lea – Zu dir:
Max Giesinger - Wenn sie tanzt:
Fettes Brot - An Tagen wie diesen:
ALLIGATOAH - Musik ist keine Lösung:
Seeed - Augenbling:
Revolverheld feat. Marta Jandová - Halt Dich an mir fest:
Wir Sind Helden - Nur Ein Wort (Official Video):
Juli - November:
Bodo Wartke - Hambacher Wald:
Die Ärzte - Junge:
Die Ärzte - Schrei nach Liebe:
Die Ärzte "Lied vom Scheitern":
Die Prinzen - Millionär:
Herbert Grönemeyer - Zum Meer:
Herbert Grönemeyer - Demo (Letzter Tag) :

That's a lot of songs! I'll check them out, thanks. Bodo Wartke is quite funny

Well, that's sure something different!

Wow, I like the first link "Standby" by Philipp Dittberner. Thank you. And I am German :)

I also like "Immer noch fühlen" by Revolverheld. I didn't know the songs or the singers before. Thanks for sharing.

In return I offer to you:

Helene Fischer, "Fliegen"

Unheilig, "Glück auf das Leben"

Silbermond, "Irgendwas bleibt"

Thank you, I like them!

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